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Located on the Central Plateau of the North Island, Rotorua is surrounded by plentiful waterways. Central to my fishing guiding operation is Lake Rotorua and its five major tributaries, famous for both summer and winter fishing. Summer fishing comes alive throughout the district with great trout fishing action in the back country and also at the local streams and lakes. Most of my guiding is fly fishing however wecan accomodate spin/softbait fisherman.

The summer season is the time to get some great dry fly action. The large numbers of cicadas hatching in the back country become a favorite food for the trout. This is the ultimate time to be fishing for trout in the Rotorua region. 4wd or Helicopter are used to access the fisheries that I guide on throughout the season.

Locally the summer heat drives large numbers of trout in and around the local spring creek tributaries of Lake Rotorua. Large migrations of large brown and quality rainbow trout migrate up the local spring creeks to spend most of the summer through to the spawning season (April-September). The river mouths some years have hundreds of trout seeking the sanctuary of the cool and oxygen rich stream water. This is some of the most productive and exciting sight fishing that you can experience if conditions permit.

Wet weather during the autumn and winter months drives world class spawning runs of both brown and rainbow trout. Winter fishing for spawning trout is a highlight of the local fisherman’s season. Rivers, streams and lakes full of prime conditioned spawning trout with a healthy combination of numbers and size of trout. When conditions align it can be something special. Trophy trout are targeted in the waterways of the Rotorua region with fish over the magical 10lb – 4.5kg not uncommon. From late April to the end of June there is a great chance to catch both rainbow and brown trout trophies in the same day.

Helicopter Fishing

The warmer months are a fantastic time of year to head back country into the wilderness by helicopter access. Heli-fishing is the ultimate New Zealand fly fishing experience, gaining access to fly fish in some true wilderness rivers and streams we have in the greater Rotorua region. The fish are always on the lookout for their next meal on the surface of gin clear water fisheries with great sight fishing  in stunning surroundings.

The cicada and terrestrial season is worthy of its world class reputation on these remote fisheries with anglers returning year after year to experience the fantastic fly fishing. These back country trout typically feed freely and aggressively off the surface throughout the summer months. Trophy trout have been caught in recent seasons in some of our back country rivers on guided heli-fishing adventures

To secure your Rotorua fly fishing guide please contact Rotorua Trout Guide for some of the best fishing in New Zealand. See Rates below:

Full Day Rotorua Fly Fly Fishing Guided Trip:

  • $950 NZD (1 or 2 anglers)
  • 8-9 hour Rotorua Fly Fishing Guided Trip

Half Day Rotorua Fly Fly Fishing Guided Trip:

  • $550 NZD (1 or 2 anglers)
  • 8-9 hour Rotorua Fly Fishing Guided Trip

Rotorua Heli-Fishing Guided Trip:

  • $950 NZD (1 or 2 anglers) (excludes helicopter rates)
  • 8-9 hour Rotorua Fly Fishing Guided Trip
  • Options for multi day trips

Book your Rotorua fishing Guide Julian Danby for a great trip in the Rotorua District of New Zealand.

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